Motion & Historical

Silent, moving pictures.

Since 2012 many of our North American motifs are available as real time and time lapse
videos. Access over 3000 current HD/UHD video clips at Shot in
digital uncompressed CinemaDNG RAW, these clips are look great on the biggest and
smallest screens, and blend seemlessly into any project.

Historical images.

Our world constantly changes, often rapidly. We've been making stock images since 1987.
Many of our images have historical significance or offer a nostalgic depiction of the
late 20th Century to the near present day. The subject may have changed through urban
development, technology, dress styles, reassessment of public art, or by natural or man
made forces. Our dated images are captioned as Historical. Simply search for Historical,
retro, or bygone to view what we have. You can also search by decade, or a specific year

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